Pick Your #Battle ~ Your Arms Too Short to Box With God! ~


But if it is of God, you cannot overthrow it — lest you even be found to fight against God (Acts 5:39)~~ There are those who would retaliate and lash out against the people of God. The father of evil intends that the Divine message be obstructed and ultimately prevented and those who subscribe to the things that rise up in opposition to the Lord are used, much to their own deception and destruction, as pawns in the wiles of the enemy. But God says, “Do not touch My anointed ones, And do My prophets no harm.” (1 Chr 16:22; Ps 105:15); and to this He will impart His vengeance! His Word is to accomplish what He intends and while many naysayers take pleasure in the scorn of the believer, God’s Word is spoken and His will WILL be done. Be careful of the objections you may project at those who would do God’s will, for to do so is to declare war with the Lord! That’s a fight none of us wants!

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