What will BE because of what YOU say? #PowerOfTheTongue ->

Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof (Prov 18:21)~ If you want to know where your life is headed; what you will be like in the next few years, listen to what you’re saying now! Are you speaking frustration and failure or are you speaking faith and favor? Be mindful of the words you speak, not just of yourself but to others! When we experience certain words and mindsets long enough, we start to live them. If you believe you are loved and you speak accordingly, you will live as if you are. If you believe and speak as if you are an outcast; a black sheep; an undesirable, you will carry yourself accordingly. So be careful what you pronounce!! – Rejection, disrespect, disassociation, dissolution and depression, fear, drama, confusion, unrealistic expectations…this is what the devil wants. YOUR words form YOUR perception of life. No one gets to decide the words that come out of your mouth except for you. Therefore, your words have the power to set things in motion, good or bad for you. They are little seeds that you plant in life. When your words are filled with faith, hope and promise then you’ll enjoy the fruit of them. But if they’re filled with discouragement, fear and other negative attitudes you won’t enjoy your life. Make your confessions personal and real, and allow God’s strength and power to move; to change things for the better. Instead of saying what you’re not, say what you are: Start saying “I am”: “blessed; able; healed; smart; gifted. I am everything God has called me to be!” Knowing that YOU have the WORDS in you to make life what you want it to be, what do you have to say? Choose your words carefully!

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