When You Chase After #GodFirst You Always Win The Pursuit! ~

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you (Matt 6:33)~ we spend our lives constantly chasing after things, achievements, status and stature. We demand from the other person things that they are not capable of giving.. and we are so adamant on receiving those things we want for our human comforts that we go to any source to get what we want…except the right one..God!

Every anxiety of man is centered around the temporal things that surround our lives. It doesn’t matter who you are or at what point you are in life..we are more concerned about not having our stuff rather than not having our eternal salvation. This trap ensnares the poor as much as the love of wealth does the rich. Take this as an encouragement to trust in God. God has given us life, and has given us the body. And what can He not do for us…who did that? If we take care about our souls and for eternity, which are more than the body and its life, we may leave it to God to provide for us food and raiment, which are less than life itself.

Thoughtfulness for our souls is the best cure of thoughtfulness for the world. Seek FIRST the kingdom of God, and make His business your business. Contrary to the ‘world view’, this is the not way to starve; no, it is the way to be well provided for, even in this world. The will and command of the Lord Jesus, is that by daily prayers we may get strength to bear us up under our daily troubles, and to arm us against the temptations that bring them, and then let none of these things move us. Happy are those who take the Lord for their God, and make full proof of it by trusting themselves wholly to His wise disposal. People and the the things of this world will never fulfill us because our flesh is never satisfied, it always wants more. When we get what we want, we seek MORE and will go to any length, especially sin..to have it! We are carnal! Let the Spirit convince us of the sin in the want of this disposition, and take away the worldliness of our hearts. When you chase after the Lord first, you ALWAYS catch Him!

To God Be The Glory! Amen!


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