Your #Life is a Book – What’s Your Story? ~


Ye are our epistle written in our hearts, known and read of all men (2 Cor 3:2)~ we are the 67th Book of the Bible. The Holy Scriptures consist of sixty-six books. So what’s the 67th you ask? That’s the one you write by the way you live your life everyday! In the flesh, Jesus’ life story was one of love, faithfulness, compassion, patience, goodness and kindness. His presence is on each page from Genesis to Revelation. His influence is written in between each line of world history. Now is our time to influence the world with our story. Psalms 45:1 says: “Your tongue is as the pen as a ready writer.” So write an epistle worth reading. Proclaim the saving grace and power of God through your lifestyle. And as you author your life story, is your tongue (with the power of life and death) uttering words fit to print? Does your attitude provide a chapter of hope for people desperate for love and salvation? Do people read about a true overcomer; who doesn’t claim perfection, but sometimes falters, even faints, yet doesn’t give in? That may stumble but gets back up? Is your book that best-seller that tells of a believer whose words match their walk? That walk that so moves and impresses the curious unbelievers, that they are compelled to run to God in search of salvation? Write a great story my friend, you are the only Bible some people will ever read.


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