Impossible is the Simplest Thing For God! #Nothing2Hard –

Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me? (Jer 32:27)~ Isn’t it funny some of the things God has promised us or some of the things God has called us to do? What has God put on your spirit that has you thinking “God are you for real?” When we try to conceive it in our minds, it seems as if it can’t be done. But There is NO-THING too hard for God. This is where FAITH must supercede our so-called ‘common sense’. We will try to rationalize how it will come to be, but when we pray and leave it in the Covenant Keeping God’s Hands, then…. where for us it is difficult or even impossible, with God, IT IS ALREADY DONE! He SPECIALIZES in the impossible!! Abraham and Sarah thought it was strange to have children when they were almost 100! Lazarus had been dead for days! Everybody SAW Jesus die on the cross! They watched Him go up into Heaven on a cloud, promising to return the same way!!! But look! Be encouraged today! IF GOD SAID IT, JUST BELIEVE IT, AND LET THAT SETTLE IT. And if God doesn’t do something you expected, it’s very likely that He never promised it in the first place.

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