Know Who You Are and Whose You Are #GodsMasterpiece –

I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well (Ps 139:14)~~  All too often people call us a failure because we’ve failed to be who they think we should be, or do what they think we should do. A classic example is the father upset because his son didn’t play some sport or choose the right profession (meaning doing what he does). These things aren’t about the son, they’re about the father. We get the same thing from teachers, friends, and employers. Most of us get it from our wives, and from our kids saying we don’t do this or that like the “classic man” down the street does. Everyone has an idea of who we should be, or how we should do, and most brand us as a failure if we don’t do what they think we should. Again, these things arent about you at all, but the perception of the person judging” youThe people who did this to you in the past have shaped how you are today to some degree, and unless you’ve dealt with it they still affect you. However, it doesn’t end there, because you still have people today who see you as a failure or a mistake or a bad choice of some kind. Do you see those people in your life, the ones who say you’re a failure? How do you react to them? Are you too upset by them, or can you let it go. Listen: Nothing about you is a mistake. In fact, you’re a masterpiece – God’s masterpiece!  You were not an accident or a mistake but very much a figure in the plan of the Creator of the Universe! Even though we may get off track and we don’t always feel like a rock-star in every area of our life every day, God has a very specific and individual design intent for our life. “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you,” says the Lord, “thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope” (Jer 29:11). Friend, it’s key to remind yourself who you are and whose you are. Your identity comes with a divine promise from God. Remember, creation became by His word: “And God Said….” (Genesis 1). God used His word to speak life into being, and His word never returns void. He Himself declares it (Isa 55:11) and as He speaks, so it is and it is prosperous within! Yes, His word accomplishes His purpose and it does so WELL… and Failure is not part of God’s vocabulary!! So, when you feel defeated, just remember that the same power that conquered sin, death and the grave… lives in you! Remember that you are not a failure because God made you and He doesnt fail!!! You are the living manifestation of God’s spoken word in the flesh, and you will accomplish the purpose for which you are sent; and do it WELL! Never doubt who you are. That’s the number-one trick of the enemy—to make you feel inadequate or incapable of doing what God purposes for you so that you seek the alternative unbelief and sin. When it gets tough or when you start getting pulled back by your past, remember that God’s appointment and promises have no expiration date. Child of God, the devil is a lie! You are not a failure, you are not a mistake! Friend of God – Remember who you are! Gods Masterpiece! 


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