May the #Force… Be You! –

You are a force in this world. Each of us is. The question is, what kind of force are you? Are you a force for goodness and generosity; is this world as mean and broken as it is, a better place because of you? Or are you force that is simply neutral, lukewarm, going whichever way seems to be most comfortable in the moment? Are you a force for “me”, for selfishness, stockpiling, negativity or even depravity? Galatians 5:13-26 tells us that this all matters to God. It should therefore matter to us!

Not that we have the ability to go out and save the world – right it’s wrongs and change its people – we simply don’t have the power to do so; BUT – the God we serve… does and WE CAN be a force to call upon HIS ability to do those things. How do we do it? We PRAY for and on behalf of each other. We lay aside our own meager strength and call upon the true awesome strength of God. Paul knew this and made the case for it as he urged us to pray every way we know how for everyone we know (1 Tim 2:1-3). Prayer must be at the base of all we do whether we are using our hands to help people in need, or using our voices to reach the lost. What we mostly need to do is pray – regardless of anything.

In science fiction, characters call on “the force” to accomplish what their mortality cannot – in REALITY, Our passionate prayer is our force that calls upon the most powerful force in the universe; whose goodness and generosity truly save, nurture and bless people and circumstances and change lives. Family, we need to pray over our homes, our children, our schools our places and people of work. We need to pray against the evil that wants to run rampant in this world; the fear and darkness it creates. Let us be a force for healing, peace and light – in the name of JESUS CHRIST – our LIVING force we PRAY! Amen!!

… The effectual fervent prayer of the righteous man avails much! (James 5:16)


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