Stop Sitting In What You’re Going Thru; Move in #Faith of Where God is Taking You! ->


Jesus saith unto him, Rise, take up thy bed, and walk (John 5:8)~ You’ve employed every attempt of desire for whatever it is to be better. You’ve prayed, wished, hoped and believed; but you still seem to be sitting here in this ‘infirmity’. You’ve even reminded God dozens of times how hard this is on you and how much you want things to be better and you wait for His blessing; and you wait and you wait. “I’m just waiting on The Lord” you say… Singing that song to yourself…”They that wait on The Lord shall renew their strength….”; yeah, that’s you! 🙂  God’s response: “Turn and Live!”. 

See my friend, God has placed everything you need to make things change already in you! You already believe in Him and Jesus already took care of everything else. The problem is, you’ve been “waiting” for eons for something to fall in your lap: that blessing to call on you, that moment to come along, the other thing to happen. You want change, but you’re still being who you always were. You’ve taken so much comfort and pride in being the same old you that YOU have been the reason things haven’t changed for you! And you sit… “waiting” in that jacked up situation!

One thing that every person you’ll see in the Bible that had a breakthrough with God was that if they had faith, the next step was to MOVE! We can’t sit there with our hand out and expect things to change just because we believe – our responsibility now is to turn and live! By the grace of God, His distinguishing grace, this command calls on His already given power in you. To Him be the glory. You honor His glory by doing what He has made you to do! The proof of spiritual cure, is our rising and walking in the faith we profess. As Christ has healed our spiritual diseases, let us go wherever He sends us, and take up whatever grace He lays upon us; and walk before Him! Stop sitting there in what you’re going through; show your faith and MOVE – turn and live for where God is taking you!

…and I will show you my faith by my works!


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