If You’re Going to Give With That Attitude, You Might As Well Keep It! #CheerfulGiver –


Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver. (2 Cor 9:7)~~ When God gives to us He gives His best… And is happy to do it. But let us ask something of each other.  Sure, we may give but not without shortage of belittling the one who asked of us. We give with an attitude because we want them to know how they’ve “put us out” or inconvenienced us or that they somehow make us feel obligated. When we give under those stipulations, the question arises as to whether or not we truly want to share the blessings we have – and whether we are giving truly from the heart with peace and gladness to do so. Some of us act like giving of ourselves, financially or not…yes, even the non-financial type of giving, is a burden; and our response to it is quite ungrateful of our own benefit and disrespectful to our divine benefactor!

Imagine if God ‘let us have it’ like we do each other when we seek His love and provision! What if His Word constantly reminded us of how much we depend on Him and ask of Him and need of Him – what kind of God would our Lord be? There’s nothing worse than having someone give to you and their demeanor and response to you is as if you were such an inconvenience and bother and that you’re ‘lucky’ they felt like giving to you! It’s not as giving weakened their own stature, but that the very thought of giving puts them out so! News flash: God doesn’t NEED you to give the money He blessed you with the ability to earn, He doesn’t NEED the joy that the efforts of your skills (that He gave you), time or words can put into someone else’s life.

But remember– What you release into the world, you will receive back…and you will reap MORE than what you sow.. This is God’s guarantee! And what you hold back, will be held back from you. See, God’s blessing is about overflow…the more He can get through you, the more He will get TO you. And this is not just about money… Want more joy, peace or love in your life? Try giving some away! God won’t let you tap out! You will never run dry of the fruits of the Spirit because God will keep it flowing to you! Now if God can’t get a blessing through you … What if He were to stop sending it TO you? Next time there’s an opportunity to put something good into someone’s life’ just remember, the better you put into it, the better you will receive through it!

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