BE the #Change You Want to See – #MoveOn –

…Forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before (Phil 3:13)~ We’ve almost gotten through the year and you no longer have a vision of how you were going to be that better person in 2016! But If asked to recount how someone has hurt you or what went wrong at work or how you didn’t achieve something, you can recite every action and every word! Your memory of what happened ‘yesterday’ is so vivid that you’re blinded from walking into into your future. And walking into the future with your head looking into the past is a sure way to hit a wall! As you “come up the rough side of the mountain” you’re finding that the heavier the load of baggage and burdens you carry, the harder your climb is!  Look, No matter how you spin it, It’s time for you to LET GO of the setbacks and disappointments of the past. – You can’t do anything about what was or used to be or what happened…but from this moment forward, you can make a difference, look at things with a different perspective and present a different attitude! YOU have the power to change generations after you, put an end to bad states of mind, get rid of bad attitudes and reverse those curses that hung over your head. Instead of holding on to all that mess, listen to that change that you keep saying you want to see, and make that the change you resolve to be! 


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