Protests; Killings; Destruction -But The Problem is not Solved #NextSteps –

For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God (James 1:20)~~ So the craziness continues.. more African Americans are getting needlessly profiled and killed by law enforcement. So we mobilize, march, block streets, get riled up…kill a few of them and burn our cities down… but it continues… we claim it’s because of the police officer killings, which are by every form of the definition, murder… and they’re protected by that badge and some weak prosecution and weak defense for the innocent.  I realize that not all of us are innocent when we get shot, some of us are just flat out stubborn, rebellious and belligerent…. but more often than not, our men don’t deserve what’s happening at the hands of the police! Thus, the anger and tension… and to make it worse, we see a whole different outcome with regard to non-African-Americans.  Our next complaint is about the job situation – the lack of opportunities we seem to have compared to others… – So again, we mobilize, march, block streets, get riled up and burn down a few buildings and steal whatever is not nailed down… and that’s it… but now the employers that COULD give us jobs are gone…. the economic prescription to building the lower parts of our cities up is being diverted to recovering from where we brought parts of our cities down.  What did we SOLVE??? What RIGHT did we bring about by responding with more WRONG??? Hmmm.. let’s think this through, we get mad, protest and complain about things that are not fair to us – so we retaliate with the same kind of behavior.  They kill us, so let’s go kill them.  Then there are things beyond the reprehensible killings – such as JOBS… and our celebrities and people who are part of the ‘well off’ that are indeed true to the CAUSE give us ideas that actually are counter-productive.  Recently a well known actor suggested we skip out on work, school and putting into the economy.. all things that drive UP the opportunities we need!!! As our favorite TV and Music personalities guide us, we decide in protest now to just skip out on our JOBS (for those of us that have them)… respectfully speaking.. BAD IDEA!!!
Help me understand this…. So our mindset is what we feel like they’ve done to us, we have to do to them.. SO, we’re gonna protest, tear up our cities, kill them and even each other if we feel like we have to because we need to teach somebody a lesson.. or whatever we feel like justifies us because we want them to see that we indeed matter.  YES… we DO matter and we absolutely DESERVE and should DEMAND our proper place in all things… but our mindset of how to get there… we need to really think this through!  Like I said before, WHAT DID WE SOLVE in all of this battling??? And the skipping work idea…. I’m sorry but like voting, I see JOBS as an important point… people have fought for opportunities – and equal opportunities for African Americans to even HAVE JOBS… and yet our answer is to not participate in what we’ve fought for so long to have. Don’t Vote??? Don’t go to work??? Are we really making things better? Are we impacting anything by taking a day off or are we just making a statement? Refusing to work hurts the worker more than it hurts the employer… If I take that day off, I’M the one not getting paid… and my company goes on!!! And burning their building down won’t change that.. they just won’t be IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD ANYMORE…
Like my opinions or not… this is not about likes and approvals, but hopefully provoking some real self examination of all of us and how we can make this world a better place.  We can’t sit back and constantly point fingers at what the world is doing wrong – everyone has an issue of some type – but if we don’t work together on this, we are just in an endless rat race. Nothing gets fixed when we resort to fighting in and out of our cultures! While the protests are important and voices need to be heard, we’ve got to find a way to go to the next step beyond that and work WITH those that we are trying to bring change in… if we keep just protesting and rebelling – going against the grain, tearing up everything in sight like a kid having a tantrum; and not going forward to the next step… pretty soon, they’re going to ignore the message…claiming we’re just making noise… it’s going to get old and violence only makes it worse FOR us! And NOTHING will change because at the end of the day all we’re doing is fighting. When do we go the next step beyond protests and fighting and destruction and start taking positive actions toward making things better? We’re great at organizing coalitions of people for protesting and rioting – where are the LEADERS who will step up and work on the ACTIONS to actually make things better???

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