Take a Step in #Faith –

faith is

Do you see how faith worked with his works, and from the works faith was made complete? (James2:22)~ you want change so you have faith and you ‘wait’ on the Lord because they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength (Isa 40:31) …and you ‘wait’ and you ‘wait’!!! Yes, all things are possible to him who believes and has faith; so as we believe, we just sit in our faith and think things will change. So after all that ‘waiting’, nothing happens, and now your faith in God dies! There is still no better answer to this than the fact that you have to GET UP! Keep in mind, those who had faith when Jesus walked; and even those before Him on the earth…all had an action corresponding to it (see Hebrews chapter 11). The woman with the issue of blood had faith, but didn’t just wait for Jesus to come touch her for her healing, she had to make her way through resistance that was keeping her from Him (the crowd – different story) and the effort of action in her faith made her whole;  Although Peter believed Jesus would have him walk on water, He didn’t sit there until Jesus whisked him out onto the water, no, it wouldn’t happen until Peter “got up” and stepped (in faith) out of the boat.  Jesus healed the infirmed man who had faith but sat there and waited (in faith) for 38 years only to find out that he simply had to “get up” and take up his bed to realize it. Friend, we all have healing and blessings in The Lord but our faith is just a belief until we take a step in it. Martin Luther King Jr is famous for saying that Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase. Yes, they that wait on The Lord renew their strength…that strength is to be USED to MOUNT UP with the wings of Eagles; to RUN the race set before us and to WALK in the paths of His righteousness, that we will NOT FAINT in adversity, but PROSPER and PERSEVERE! Christ has healed our spiritual diseases, let us GO wherever he sends us, and TAKE UP whatever he lays upon us. The proof of our spiritual cure is not just our belief, but our RISING and WALKING; in Him! What are you faithful for? When are you going to GET UP and take the step to get it? 

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