That Grudge You’re Holding Onto; Time to #ForGIVE it away! –


Then came Peter to Him, and said, Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? till seven times? Jesus saith unto him, “I say not unto thee, Until seven times: but, Until seventy times seven” (Matt 18:22)~ there we have it– you just keep forgiving– whether the offense against you happened once or it keeps happening- it’s not about how many times or who started it, it’s time you get over that grudge– that actually does you more damage than the person you carry it against! After all, WHO is the one that’s mad? WHO is walking around with an imbalanced temperament? WHOSE blood pressure is up because they’re being mad just because they want to be? Stop justifying your selfish anger and get over yourself cause that’s what you’re doing .. Making it all about YOU!  Time to let go and love the unlovable, pardon the unpardonable, believe the unbelievable and hope when everything seems hopeless. YOU need to forgive the petty mess that’s going on between you and “them”. It’s not about who’s at fault or who apologizes first. But since you made it about YOU, YOU NEED to forgive. See, others don’t need your forgiveness nearly as much as YOU need it yourself. It’s YOUR heart that is hard because YOU haven’t forgiven; YOU are carrying carry heavy burdens…YOU are weighing yourself down more and more with stress just by holding that grudge! Every excuse you make to justify your anger, grudge and unforgiveness just makes the burden heavier on YOU! There is only one way to lift this load. ForGIVE it away!!! Every ounce of forGIVEness you dispense to others lifts off the burden that YOU bear. The forgiving heart is the forgiven heart. You can experience the freedom and healing power of forGIVING away the burdens of unforgiveness. Each of us has that one grudge that we haven’t let go of…and what is it doing? It’s enslaving YOU in burdens of anger and rage…for what?? My friend, life is too precious and too short to stay mad at them over some petty trivial junk whether it happened way back when or yesterday! Holding back forgiveness is like standing in an open cell and refusing to walk out. Stop imprisoning yourself!!! Christ set us free in His forgiveness of our sins for eternity. The prison doors that held you have been opened….but you need to embrace your freedom and walk out into that freedom! Give up that pride and make yourself thankful for mending that tear in that relationship! It’s truly liberating! 


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