Want #Peace in your life? Try speaking it to others! –

the tongue

A man hath joy by the answer of his mouth: and a word spoken in due season, how good is it! (Prov 15:23)~~ The Lord Jesus taught that giving is more blessed than receiving (Acts 20:35). One of the best and easiest ways to give and support others is with a kind or wise word when they need it. There is righteous joy in helping someone with good counsel. It is a duty and privilege to have this wise tongue, so you also can help others. But such ability only comes by careful preparation and knowledge before the opportunity presents itself. So much effort is given to and you can probably think of a time when you prepared to tear someone down, give them a piece of your mind or just put your response or statement out there to them or about them. You prepared so hard you were speaking to yourself out loud just to make sure your rant sounded right (yeah– you did didn’t you?). But have you ever thought to yourself: “I’m going to speak some goodness on someone today; compliment them; make their day; encourage them today” have you ever? Most of us won’t go so far to do that because we are more concerned about what someone else might think of us!! That’s right! Pride! Our own ego stops us from doing good to others, yet it also makes us feel “good” about stepping on them! Although those of us with a conscience will often feel some remorse after we see the negative impact of what we speak. So much more good can come in the world, even in your own life when you speak encouragement and wisdom and life into the lives of others. That’s because this is what God looks for us to do. Our own Spirit rejoices in our well doing according to God’s will. This is one of the ways we can effectively follow the second great commandment of Jesus (Mark 12:31)! The tongue has the power of life and death: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. (Prov 18:21). Yes, even you will benefit in your own life from the goodness you speak in the lives of others!  If you want a happy life and good life, then learn how to rule your speech and use it for the profit of others. Make a plan, to speak life into someone’s life today! Be blessed, be a blessing! 


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