How Real is Your #Friend List? ->


Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful (Prov 27:6)~ You should ask God for hurtful friends! No that’s not a crazy statement! No matter what you think, true friends wound and may even hurt each other – they correct, call each other out on improprieties, and warn each other for their mutual perfection. It’s better to have a true friend who sticks closer than a brother; that will hurt your feelings for ‘your’ own good with plain and faithful rebukes; than to have someone pretending to be your friend; saying what you might want to hear; but really carrying secret hatred against you only to use you or worse, turn on you for ‘their’ own good. These false friends (FRENEMIES) easily show much outward affection or attention, which are a lying cover for their selfish hearts. True friendship and love give…and they give for the benefit of others. True friendship is finding the blessing in blessing one another. True friendship is governed by the goals of helping one grow and be better. True friendship will correct, rebuke, and warn as necessary. It will not coddle, compromise, or overlook actions that hurt our relationship with God or each other. Godly love and true friendship will not lead to or cover sins; it will correct sins. It will not cause nor condone evil; it will condemn evil. This truth about friendship and love is too high for many people. They believe the devil’s lie that friendship and love are seeking pleasure and keeping things comfortable, happy, and peaceful in relationships, regardless of another’s conduct. But if you truly care for a person, you will want to help perfect them. If you do not rebuke their sin, you are (a frenemy) no better the the people that hate them, mislead them or abuse them. Do you want the friend who only pampers your fancies and flatters your vanity; who enjoys your presence, cheers you with kindness, and serves you? Such a friend will not help you. You need a real friend, who will watch out for your soul and correct you when it’s necessary. The other kind is worthless, deceitful, and will leave you wanting in the time of real need. A faithful reprover should be valued as a truly great treasure. Jesus Christ gave His life for you and lives today for you. And He wisely chastens your every fault for your perfection in holiness (Heb 12:6). He is the greatest Friend you will ever have! What kind of friend do you want? What kind of friend are you?


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