What to Expect When You’re Successful – As Shared by @JosephWalker3 on #Periscope



Here’s a set of awesome principles that were shared today by Bishop Joseph Walker, International Presiding Bishop of FGBCF! Great Motivation and Wisdom! Make sure you follow him on Twitter and Periscope!

There’s a weight that comes with our success; it is the weight of Glory!

Here are 5 Things to expect when you’re successful –

  1. Expect people who have never met you to not like you! They look at your glory, but don’t know your story! That’s their issue – not yours! Handle it
  2. Expect to attract parasitic relationships! They will cling to you for what they can drain out of you.  Until you understand this, they will leave you broke, despondent and depressed. Not that you shouldn’t bless people, but boundaries are important.
  3. Expect to have few friends! The higher you go up, the smaller your circle will be. Not many understand your level and won’t be there with you. Eagles fly solo!
  4. Expect greater spiritual warfare. The higher the level, the greater the devil! The enemy is not a fan of your successful. He is the accuser of the brethren. If he can’t find something in your current hallway, he’ll go back into your closet! He is the master of creating erroneous perceptions of you! Stand on the promise of God – No weapon formed against you shall prosper!
  5. Expect the reality that your greatest enemy will be complacency! DON’T RELAX just because you get to a certain point! God wants to take you from glory to glory – not from glory to history!

Hopefully you’ll find this a blessing like I did!


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