Keeping the Drive – as shared by @JosephWalker3 on #Periscope –


Got an awesome set of principles from my Pastor and International Presiding Bishop of FGBCF. Sharing my notes as per his points and comments. Definitely some sound principles for success. Great Leaders Create Leaders!


I – Eliminate Distractions: Get Rid of Negativity; Don’t Let People Sap Your Strength!

II – Take Authority Over Lazy: Be Done With Sluggishness and Slothfulness; GET UP from the TV and move! Motivate and Push Yourself! Get it Done!

III – The Struggle is Real But the Benefit is Better: The process is not always easy, sometimes it’s a struggle – deal with it, pursuing the promise at the end.

IV – Be Consistent: Do what you say you will do! Be There! Remember the 15 minute rule – If you’re on time, you’re late – be there 15 minutes early – Successful people are already at the table when you arrive!!!

V – Maintain a positive prayer life: Ask God for the strength to complete the assignment!

Thank you Bishop for that Mid-Day Motivation!


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