Even at Your Worst, God Loves You! #HeSeesTheBestInYou –

God sees the Best

I saw a discussion where a person went on about not being a friend of God and how we were basically ‘worms and broken pieces’!  One could only suspect that a person sees themselves this way because of things they’ve done in their lives. It’s a fact that our efforts at righteousness are as worthless as filthy rags to Him, but Hebrews 2:11 states, “Both the one who makes men holy and those who are made holy are of the same family. So Jesus is not ashamed to call them brothers.” Jesus is not ashamed to call you His brother because His sacrifice on the cross took away your sins and His indwelling life has made you alive to God. Even if you have wandered away from God; no matter how deep you have gone into sin, God IS receiving you with open arms! God doesn’t care what you’ve done in your past! He only cares about what you’re doing right now and what you will do in your future! Thanks to the finished work of Jesus, no one ever has to be lost because of their past. We are only lost because we will not surrender, repent, and accept what Jesus has done for us. YES, it’s that simple…Just turn around and come back to the Lord! Don’t be fooled by all of the legalistic ‘policies, rituals and rules’; there is no working sins off in deeds or penance, no earning forgiveness or proving yourself worthy! Christ has done ALL of the work; by HIS Grace He has forgiven us. We in our guilt tend to feel like we’re not worthy of His grace, but my friend, we’re SO worthy that He gave His life to prove it! YOU are restored in relationship and covenant; redeemed of everything that separated you and reconciled to FULL authority and inheritance as a child of the Lord! Friend, it’s SO important that we learn to see ourselves how GOD sees us. We are alive, we are His beloved children…Even at our worst, He is not ashamed to claim us as His own. You are never so broken that He would not love you! Even at your worst, He sees the best in you! 


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