Giving a ‘piece’ of your mind should give #peace of mind –


My mouth shall speak wisdom, And the meditation of my heart shall give understanding (Ps 49:3)~ We have a choice every time we engage another person, especially in the heat of an intense situation. In our human flesh we seek the vindication of giving someone a piece of our mind and while in some cases a strong conversation may be warranted, in most cases it’s very apparent that we probably need every ‘piece’ of our mind we can hold on to because of what ends up coming out of our mouth. As we deal with each other, we must take into account… each other. We must seek to approach the other person with an understanding heart because the situation we’re in may be their plea for the help of wisdom and if we are in a heated situation and just let our words fly off of our tongue without the discernment of wisdom, it truly shows in the enunciation that follows. We pray that God creates in us a clean heart we seek to have the mind of Christ and out of abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks! Therefore what we speak must be life-giving, fruitful and uplifting. The cleanliness of heart and the wisdom of mind filtering what we speak, we can actually give a ‘peace’ of the mind of Christ rather than a ‘piece’ of the mind of man – and the outcome of that situation will be very different than it could have been! The tongue carries the power of life and death – what shall you speak? 

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