#ReligiousFreedom matters; but a “free society” should defend “everyone’s” right to practice their faith! –


The Supreme Court will soon review the issue of same-sex marriage, and it’s possible that justices will make it legal in all 50 states. If that happens, the million dollar question will be whether our lawmakers will still defend the rights of religious people—specifically Christians—who believe in traditional marriage. If not, Christians could become a persecuted minority in a country that still prints “IN GOD WE TRUST” on our money.
Miley Cyrus recently challenged her fans to “stir some [expletive] up” in Indiana to force lawmakers to revise the proposed Religious Freedom Restoration Act; a law—which, ironically, was meant to guarantee equality to gay people while also recognizing that religious people should not be forced to violate their consciences.
America has always protected minority religious beliefs. Our laws don’t force the owner of a Jewish deli to serve pork, a Catholic couple to use birth control, or a Muslim woman to take off her veil. But today it’s becoming apparent that we need assurances from lawmakers that Christians will not be forced to violate their faith when gay couples are granted marriage rights. The Indiana law might have been a flawed attempt to secure religious freedom in our pluralistic society, but we need to address this issue now before someone suggests that having a Bible in my home is a criminal act because it is “anti-gay.”
Bible-believing Christians are more and more becoming the enemy of the ‘world’ (as Jesus said would happen in John 15:18-21) and many people consider religious views to be narrow: Whether it’s the discussion of whether young people should wait until marriage for sex; If they believe adultery is a sin; they have a strong personal conviction against abortion; and yes, if marriage is to be between a man and a woman! Regardless of what side of the discussion you stand on, it is the duty of all to show kindness and compassion to those who don’t agree with us!
Those on the side that opposes the written Word of the Bible are quick to get offended by the believers, calling them homophobic and hypocritical and bigots and all of the commonly known descriptors of opposing viewpoints, but for the Christian, it’s about what God’s Word says. Whether or not we agree with the growing movement of the ‘equality’ battle, for the believer, THEIR truth is what is written in the Word! Homosexuality in their view is a sin, plain and simple. It may not the “worst” sin, but as a Christian, I believe in that Word as it is written, and it’s not up for debate or surgical word manipulation or interpretation. I also believe though that my faith requires me to be Christ-like toward a gay person. To call a Christian a “bigot” because he views homosexuality as a sin is a form of bigotry in reverse. Jesus was certainly no bigot. He was a “friend of tax collectors and sinners” (Matt. 11:19), and He offered His love and salvation to prostitutes, corrupt politicians, social outcasts, drunkards and even religious hypocrites. BUT Jesus didn’t wink at sin, redefine it or sidestep it. He showed us that if we really want to show love to a person, we should confront their sin, warn them about it and tell them the truth (see Matt. 18:15-17).
As Christians, we are called to follow Christ. We should offer love, counsel, comfort, friendship, healing—and even prayer—for anyone who would have it, regardless of their race, creed, income level, religion or sexual preference. I believe any Christian should seek to model acceptance and a welcoming attitude toward others. However as  Christians, we should not be FORCED to adhere to specific laws or beliefs that are contrary to our own. That is NOT religious freedom by any stretch and is a violation of OUR Constitutional rights! A Christian minister should not be “forced” by a law to perform a gay wedding because this would violate the vows they made to God when they surrendered to their calling. If they elect to do so, it should be by choice and the appropriateness according to Christian belief will be their own conflict with the Lord God to deal with! Unfortunately America is such a nation of accommodating laws that we’re more about loopholes than legitimacy. Sadly, furthermore, every law that hits the docket these days seems to be, one way or another, in the direction opposed to Christian value! No Christian should have to forfeit their beliefs just because one minority group or another demands priority treatment. Religious freedom still matters; and a true “free society” should defend everyone’s right to practice their faith.

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