You STILL Mad? – How’s That Workin’ For You? – Time to #Forgive and #LetGoLetGod –


Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath: Neither give place to the devil. (Eph 4:26-27) Would you pick up a flaming hot coal in your hand to throw at someone else hoping to burn them? Better yet, would you drink poison with the expectation that someone else would get sick or die from it?? I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t. So WHY would you allow yourself to contain anger or a grudge against someone? Why do you choose to hang on to your wrath rather than letting it go so God can help you deal with and fix the problem? When you carry that anger because your pride and ego won’t let you put it down, you are essentially burning yourself, poisoning yourself and stressing yourself out. And guess what… that person you’re mad at…is moving on..just fine. Your grudge had ZERO impact on them. Tomorrow will have enough problems of its own (should you live to see it) without you bringing today’s bag of issues into it. It’s bad enough to go to bed angry… but why would we want to get up in that same old state? Think about this, to go to bed.. mad, the sleep you do get is not quality because you left your mind and heart to stress all that drama you had too much pride to let go of.. only to wake up…. still mad… keeps you from being truly and fully thankful to God for the day He has given you; cause you’re mad! I hear you saying “oh I’m thankful but I’m still mad!” I hear you saying “I’m not ready to forgive because I’m still mad…” or even worse, the great lie – Yes, YOUR great LIE: “I’ve forgiven but I’m still mad…” (True forgiveness lets go of anger).  You so mad you PROUD of YO mad! Really?? How’s that working for you? Who are you really hurting by staying mad??? Does your wrath and anger bring about God’s righteousness (the only TRUE righteousness)? Would God ever bless you and carry anger over you? What devil in hell told you its okay to stay in this angry phase? Well the devil IS a lie! He’s laughing at you because he’s tricked you into slowly stressing YOURSELF to death! Whatever it is… deal with it before the day ends! What if the chance to reconcile never comes (tomorrow)? You think being angry takes a toll on you, try not ever having the chance to forgive or apologize. Don’t let the devil have his day at your expense!  God keeps the one in perfect peace whose mind us stayed on HIM; so do whatever you have to do to drop that grudge, that anger, that attitude, into God’s hand!!! Refuse to be unhappy…trade that burden for His peace! And when you give it to Him, DON’T TRY TO TELL HIM HOW TO SOLVE IT… IT BELONGS TO HIM NOW!! When you make that first move, then your heart and spirit are relaxed where you can now rest on it! And do just that.. IN PEACE, sleep on it, You’ll sleep better and live to wake up feeling much better! And watch what GOD does when you are at peace, in Him!

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