Here’s a novel idea – STOP POSTING “PRIVATE” PHOTOS –


It’s amazing how people, even our beloved celebrities are in such an uproar about their ‘private’ photos being hacked. It seems like almost daily we are hearing about different services and accounts being hacked and someone’s private photos being held hostage. We also hear no shortage of complaints from victims talking about how ‘violated’ they are about their private media being leaked to the world. We scream invasion of privacy like it’s some constitutional right that your internet account be infallible! Since when does something stored on ‘public domain’ become private? Because you put a password on it? Go back and actually READ those lengthy policies you agreed to when you signed up for that Internet resource – Why do you think no one is successfully suing Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft or anyone else. Because they TELL you that they’re not responsible for the security of your content.

A key fact about the internet – EVERYTHING you write, post, upload or share is subject to someone else seeing it. As long as social media has been around, there have been warnings to people that nothing is ‘absolutely’ private. There’s always a risk that what you lock away will be found and shared. So here’s a novel idea – if the picture or video that you take is something you don’t want the world to see – DON’T POST IT. There are so many more secure ways to save your pictures and videos.  Hollywood even testifies to itself with the movie ‘Sex Tape’ – about a couple that makes a risque video only to find out that it got uploaded to the cloud. That movie results in the ultimate FacePalm response “What were they thinking???” – The ESPN crew would have their ultimate C’mon Man segment! Yet and still, we find ourselves overly trusting a vault that every evil hacker in the world seems to be targeting!

There’s a big saying about cyber-security – your content is only as secure as the security you practice! Friends, just keep it clean.  Do you really NEED to post that picture or video? Where is the common sense here… if you don’t want the world to see it.. don’t snap the photo – you never know nowadays!


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