Don’t let the World pull you from the Word… #Focus

For they all made us afraid, saying, Their hands shall be weakened from the work, that it be not done. Now therefore, O God, strengthen my hands (Neh 6:9)~ There is a constant plot by the enemy to keep you from getting to the blessing God has for you. One thing that CAN’T be changed is that God HAS a blessing for you. Knowing that, the plot of the enemy is distractions to you that keep you from the movement toward the blessing. You know what you SHOULD be doing but something distracting always comes along…and while you’re now looking the other way; following the distraction; procrastinating; letting it wait for whatever (excuse) have you… the thing that shouldn’t happen somehow interjects itself into being. We have to be careful about what we allow to sidetrack us. Vigilance is vital! We must never give in, no matter how fitting it may seem, to do anything sinful or imprudent; but when attacked with the temptation, resist it with reason and resolution. People, situations, even our own mindset and consciousness can be great distractors against what we are supposed to be giving priority to. It is common for that which is desired only by the malicious, to be falsely represented by them as desired by the many. Others may mean well and simply but selfishly want our time. Finally still, our own desire to do something else that might be more entertaining, possibly less stressful or less tedious; could be tempting us away. But we must never omit any known duty for fear it should be misconstrued; but, while we keep a good conscience, let us trust God with our good name and pray His for strength to keep our focus. And to the distracting factions: just say No!

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