If you want God to change things, then you must change things

Then Jacob said unto his household, and to all that were with him, Put away the strange gods that are among you, and be clean, and change your garments (Gen 35:2) ~~ Our garments are our intermingling with the world. Over time and experience, we start to look like what we have been in, around and through and who we were hanging with during it all. Some things good, some things WE think are good and some things not good at all. Those things that take our time, devotion, money, etc… away from God become our gods. They rule over us, they guide our decisions in our lives, they set the course of direction for us and the future generations that we impact; they literally define our destiny. We need to make a change and do a “reset”. We must break way from things that hinder our relationship with God – We need to literally and sometimes physically remove ourselves from those things. WE know our habits and vices that are holding us down. We also fight it because to separate ourselves from them in some cases will be challenging,  painful,  stressful and even devastating. This might bring on a pain that we might feel is like we would experience death…and in reality, in order for us to “reset”, something in us, about us, of us… has to die that we may live in the abundance of Christ’s promise (John 10:10). There can be no purification without separation; and there can be no separation without agitation, discomfort or change. We all want the abundant, prosperous and blessed life that Jesus promises, but we have to realize that change only happens when change really happens! God called Abraham to change where he was…get out of that comfortable land…so that he could see the promise God had in store for him. God called Noah to build the ark for the coming storm rather than sit and wait for it to happen, He called Moses to deal with the fears of his own abilities and trust what God would do so that he could lead the Israelites out of Egypt to reach the promised land. Friend, YOU will have to make a change in your life to see a change in your life. It won’t be comfortable, it will probably hurt in some areas because you’re going to have to leave things (and people) behind, you will have to take some actions, YOU have to make changes to be able to see changes, and you will have to face your fears and you’ll HAVE to have a relationship and trust God to help you do what you have to do.  It’s time to hit the reset button…Walk away from those things that you KNOW are not good for you, keeping you from your relationship with God, trust Him, make the changes you know you need to make… you will endure the hurt, but you will also survive it…and walk in God’s blessing!

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