Struggle strengthens you..

Struggle strengthens you..

don’t run from it, run through it..

If you can’t get around, can’t get over it, can’t get under it, then go through it!

Let the struggle strengthen you. It could be anything from your relationship, your job, your family, your finances, your friends, or anything else life throws at you. Embrace the struggle and let it push you to greatness.

I live in a struggle of some sort at all times. I’ve gotten use to it. I use to feel like crying, shouting, pouting, but then I just started praying. I started praying and smiling my way through every struggle. I found out that no matter how high you climb there will always be a struggle. Many want the top but I hear it’s really hard to breathe up there. Yes, they struggle even at the top.

I keep picturing this man’s hands that I saw one day while on a plane. His palms looked like cracked concrete and he was picking at them with his nails that looked like smashed eagle claws. His hands told me the story of his life but in that moment I learned that no matter how hard the job is, we adapt to it. We grow stronger in order to survive the struggle. The struggle won’t kill you, so let it make you stronger!

Keep pressing!


(Tony Gaskins)

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